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HMO Property Management

Enabling truly passive income through effective HMO Management

With great returns, many landlords and investors are choosing Houses of Multiple Occupation. However the regulations and continuous work involved in managing the property can be onerous. 

Why choose us?

Our property management business, Clarity Home Lettings, provides a bespoke management service for Houses of Multiple Occupation, enabling investors to have the benefits of their investment without the hassle.

The video is a testimonial from Anton Botha, a handyman that I use for a lot of my jobs.


Levels of services

With a choice of levels of service there is flexibility for you should you still wish to be involved with your tenants, or should you wish to be completely hands off.

We have a Gold, two Silver, and a Bronze option which enables the landlord to decide to pass all aspects of management over, or to retain some control over maintenance co-ordination or rent collection. 

Gold Service

The Gold Service provides the landlord with a completely hands off approach to management. All of the tenant administration, marketing, maintenance co-ordination and rent collection is carried out by Clarity Home Lettings. The landlord is given the final decisions regarding tenant selection, guarantor requirements, and whether maintenance should go ahead, but the organisation is then taken off his hands. He receives a monthly report to ensure he is aware of the condition of his property and the tenancies.

Silver Service

Some landlords like to feel that they are taking an active role in managing their property, but do not want to be taking on everything. This can be due to work commitments, or because they know they have certain skill sets or contacts that enable them to address certain parts of management more effectively. The silver service enables landlords to either be responsible for the financial side of the tenancy, including rent collection and chasing, and deposit protections, or for the maintenance co-ordination. This is ideal for landlords who are very competent with practical tasks or who have a good bank of tradesmen that they know

Bronze Service

This option is for landlords who have a little more time to carry out the financial aspect and the maintenance aspect of management, but they want the tenant relationships and legalities of contracts safely taken care of by someone else. With regulations changing frequently and requirements for proof that tenants have seen certain documents before the tenancy has begun in order to be able to take certain actions in the future, this is a key area which provides reassurance to all landlords who take out any of the levels of management service.

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